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Jamrock Explosion at Paradiso Amsterdam on 7 November 2015

The Biggest Reggae and Dancehall Party in The Netherlands

Jamrock was founded in Amsterdam in 2005 and has since become the biggest reggae and dancehall party in the Netherlands. The innovative organization has expanded to cities all over the country while continuously keeping a weekly reggae and dancehall party at the Brasil Bar in Amsterdam. Over the years many artists have graced the Jamrock stage from Beenie Man to Popcaan and for this edition patrons got a double treat with both Konshens and I-Octane performing at Jamrock Explosion.

Konshens and I-Octane at Jamrock Explosion

I-Octane was first to perform for the crowd of 1500 reggae and dancehall fans and brought his famous party vibes! The Hot Ras sang hits like “Wine and Jiggle” and “Wi Love di Vibes” and invited two local ladies on stage which exacted an entertaining dance off between the two.

For Konshens it was the last show on his European tour and he went out with a bang. His show was well over an hour and started with him taking the stage in a swagged out outfit of jeans, marina, shirt, jacket and cap. By the end of his performance this was reduced to nothing but Ralph Lauren boxers, jeans and his sexy bare upper body Continue reading

Twin of Twins Interview

While twin brothers, Paul and Patrick Gaynor, were on their European tour we met up with them in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. They spoke about the state of dancehall music, dancehall artists, the movie Ching Pow and the book The Road To Zion.

Twin of Twins are known for their entertaining mixtapes and have now expanded their portfolio all while spreading a deeper message.

Tommy Lee Sparta – Pat it Up: The Making Of

Behind the Scenes of Pat It Up by Tommy Lee Sparta

While on his 2014 European Tour dancehall artist Tommy Lee Sparta made the most of his time and recorded the video for his sexy hit “Pat it Up”.

Dancehall Explorer met up with Tommy Lee Sparta and his team to take an exclusive look behind the scenes of the video shoot in Rotterdam. The video was directed and shot by Wayne South, a video director famous for directing videos for artists such as Vybz Kartel and I Octane. South was flown in from Kingston to Rotterdam and did not have much time for sightseeing as he was working on the set the day after he touched ground in the Netherlands.

Even though it was hard to find dancehall dancers available on such short notice, we could still count on Dancehall Explorer’s favorite Barbie Slimz 69 to be on set, on time and on fleek. Carrying around a suitcase full of sexy little outfits ranging from pum pum shorts to lingerie the dancer was good to go and pat it up.

Check out what she thought of the day and take a look behind the scenes of Pat it Up:

Soca vs Dancehall the Jouvert Morning Edition in Rotterdam on 27 February 2015

On 27 February 2015 it was once again time for Soca vs Dancehall’s annual Jouvert Morning Edition.

Jouvert Morning

The Jouvert Morning edition is a bacchanal characterized by patrons coming out in their pyjamas and getting on bad. For those of you not familiar with “jouvert morning” it’s a term that comes from the French jour ouvert which translates to the break of dawn. Many Caribbean islands celebrate this break of dawn during Carnival season by hitting the streets very early in the morning wearing their PJ’s, bathrobes or any other crazy sexy outfit they feel comfortable in. With a large number of islanders here in Rotterdam it’s no surprise that the Soca vs Dancehall organization holds a successful Jouvert Morning edition every year. This year was even a little too successful as the line outside was so long that the party sold out before everyone got in. With over 700 guests inside Continue reading

Red Eye Crew: Dancehall music from St. Maarten

While on their 2015 European tour the dancehall group Red Eye Crew (R.E.C.) from St. Maarten sat down with Dancehall Explorer to talk about their music, SXM girls and what their future plans are.

The four guys all in their mid 20’s gave an energetic performance at Soca vs Dancehall in Rotterdam and brought the Caribbean Dancehall Queen Kalalisha with them.

Check out the interview plus footage of Red Eye Crew’s performance at a sold out edition of Soca vs Dancehall in Club Empire. 

Jealous Ova: Clean Lyrics or Raw Version?

As many dancehall lovers might agree this Jealous Ova song is perfect to set the mood. It has been added to that playlist you made to get the right setting to get it on from the first time you heard it and even more so when the ladies saw the light eyed Dexta Daps and when the men saw the voluptuous Tifa in her mermaid costume on a bed of sand.

But in the video the clean lyrics can throw you off. We all know dancehall takes the crown for being the musical genre most creative with turning a slack song into radio playable (Pon di Cocky tun Pon di Jockey and Wine inna yuh Hole tun Wine inna di Road). However with Jealous Ova a non Jamaican might have a hard time understanding the original version, imagine what Continue reading

Dancehall Definition

When trying to define dancehall music you might not think of Wikipedia as a main source of information, but below is an interesting excerpt from the Dancehall page on Wikipedia.

“Kingsley Stewart outlines ten of the major cultural imperatives or principles that constitute the dancehall worldview. They are:

  1. It involves the dynamic interweaving of God and Haile Selassie
  2. It acts as a form of stress release or psycho-physiological relief
  3. It acts as a medium for economic advancement
  4. The quickest way to an object is the preferred way (i.e., the speed imperative)
  5. The end justifies the means
  6. It strives to make the unseen visible
  7. Objects and events that are external to the body are more important than internal processes; what is seen is more important than what is thought (i.e., the pre-eminence of the external)
  8. The importance of the external self; the self is consciously publicly constructed and validated
  9. The ideal self is shifting, fluid, adaptive, and malleable, and
  10. It involves the socioexistential imperative to transcend the normal (i.e., there is an emphasis on not being normal).”


HOELAHOEP party in Rotterdam on 7 February 2015

A dancehall party with a mission

A dancehall party in Rotterdam isn’t exactly a novelty, but HOELAHOEP does stand out.
The first party that has such a clear cut concept and a mission to “bring the Jamaican party vibe to Rotterdam with the hottest dancehall tunes and tropical hospitality”. During these cold winter nights the two young ladies who organize this party want to make the temperature rise and have a party with unequivocally good vibes, but did they succeed?

HOELAHOEP Dancehall Party

HOELAHOEP: Catch Your Caribbean Vibe

Club Twentysix

The venue was not too big, but had a major advantage for this party since there were two levels. Upstairs was a mix of reggae, kizomba and other Caribbean music and downstairs was strictly dancehall. When dancehall is all you love, this is music to your ears, no waiting for the DJ to be done catering to the hiphop lovers or the couples that wanna dance all cute to their kizomba, no…straight dancehall tunes downstairs. Continue reading