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Red Rat at Mondial in the Netherlands on 4 September 2016

Jamaican dancehall artist Red Rat, also referred to as Double R, was in the Netherlands and we got a chance to hold a vibe with him!

Red Rat on dancehall music, Marvin the Beast and Sting 2016

Red Rat, real name Wallace Wilson, was booked at the Hot Sunday Nights – Dancehall night at Club Mondial so we traveled to the south of the Netherlands to interview him and get some exclusive shots of him performing. He spoke candidly about the difference between 90’s dancehall and dancehall in 2016. Red Rat also gave his opinion on the dancer Marvin the Beast from Montego Bay, reminding us that women themselves are choosing him as a dancing partner. We spoke about going towards Sting 2016 and the Mavado / Popcaan / Demarco feud. It was amazing to see that Double R put into words the feelings many of us have about the current state of dancehall music.

Check out the Red Rat interview and drop a comment:

Aidonia Interview in Amsterdam 2016

Dancehall Explorer met up with dancehall artist Aidonia in Amsterdam during his 2016 European Tour.

In this in depth interview Aidonia speaks on the loss of his friend Lamar Dookie (Peak State), performing in Europe and his love for dancehall music. We have also included shots of his outstanding performance at Jamrock XL in Amsterdam where Aidonia invited JOP’s rising star Govana (formerly known as Deablo) on stage with him.

Check it out and let us know what you think:

Konshens, ambassador for dancehall music and Jamaica

Dancehall artist Konshens, real name Garfield Spence, was in Amsterdam for a performance at the sold out Jamrock Explosion on 7 November 2015. His high energy show lasted over an hour and was a delight to the fans. Dancehall Explorer met up with the Gyal a Bubble-singer while he was backstage at the last show of his two month European tour by Atlantic Booking.

Double Platinum for Policeman

For quite some time we felt that Konshens’ popularity had been growing rapidly in the Netherlands and this was once again confirmed in early September of this year. At that time the hit song “Policeman” with Dutch singer Eva Simons went double platinum showing that mixing dancehall with other genres can be a huge succes. Another song that has been getting heavy rotation in the clubs is Lethal Bizzle’s “Fester Skank Remix” featuring Konshens. Click below to listen:

Remarkably Konshens told us that even though he feels happy, he does not feel contented for he is always striving to improve and be even greater.

Ambassador of dancehall music and Jamaica

Konshens Jamaican Dancehall Artist


The role of Konshens as an ambassador of dancehall music is pretty obvious. His songs have made girls come up to me asking what it means when he says “If you cyan mash ants mi nuh like you” and “A so mi tan”. However Konshens realizes it’s not solely the dancehall music he represents it is also Jamaica and Jamaican culture. When asked how he would describe dancehall music to someone who does not know it yet, he answered by saying that he would not describe dancehall music, but instead tell the person to come to Jamaica to see what it is really like.

Check out our interview with Konshens here:

I-Octane in Amsterdam and Rotterdam

I-Octane at Jamrock I-Octane at Jamrock in Amsterdam on 7 November 2015

During his one month European tour with Ovaproof Bookings reggae and dancehall artist I-Octane performed at Jamrock Explosion at the Paradiso nightclub in Amsterdam. He delivered a highly energetic performance to the 1500 fans at the sold out Jamrock Explosion. After his show we met up with him while fellow dancehall artist, Konshens, took the stage. One might expect the artist to be tired and longing for a shower and sleep after the show, but not the Hot Rass, he was in good spirits and ready to take pictures and give us an interview. We spoke about the Cyaa Do It song he did with Gaza Slim a.k.a. Vanessa Bling and how that started a rumor about the two having a real life love affair. I-Octane set the record straight about Gaza Slim and himself and spoke about his appreciation for women who are full of morals and don’t give in to temptation to stray when they’re in a relationship.

I-Octane at Club Empire in Rotterdam on 8 November 2015

The next day I-Octane, real name Byiome Muir, had a show at Club Empire in Rotterdam. This show was on a Sunday and there were significantly less people,  so expectations were lowered. However this show was where I-Octane’s personality radiated. At the beginning of the show he stated: “If it have 5000 people or 50 people inna di place, mi no business, mi come fi perform and mi a give yuh a show!” His words proved true as his performance was in no way less than the one he had given the night before. The experience was actually even better because the scant audience was treated to an amazing performance in such an intimate setting. He performed many hits including “Wine and Jiggle”, “Your Eyes” and “Gal a Gimmi Bun” and just like during the show at Jamrock he invited a lady on stage to dance with him. It was I-Octane’s last show of his European tour and he certainly gave it his all.

Watch our interview with I-Octane and shots of his show at Jamrock Explosion

Twin of Twins Interview

While twin brothers, Paul and Patrick Gaynor, were on their European tour we met up with them in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. They spoke about the state of dancehall music, dancehall artists, the movie Ching Pow and the book The Road To Zion.

Twin of Twins are known for their entertaining mixtapes and have now expanded their portfolio all while spreading a deeper message.

Red Eye Crew: Dancehall music from St. Maarten

While on their 2015 European tour the dancehall group Red Eye Crew (R.E.C.) from St. Maarten sat down with Dancehall Explorer to talk about their music, SXM girls and what their future plans are.

The four guys all in their mid 20’s gave an energetic performance at Soca vs Dancehall in Rotterdam and brought the Caribbean Dancehall Queen Kalalisha with them.

Check out the interview plus footage of Red Eye Crew’s performance at a sold out edition of Soca vs Dancehall in Club Empire. 

Tommy Lee Sparta & Angel

Tommy Lee Sparta

The first time seeing Tommy Lee Sparta was in April 2013 at a dancehall party in The Hague. He was joined by Stylish, an attractive female singer from Portmore. The attention however was mainly on Tommy Lee. Seeing him live for the first time meant seeing beyond the hype. The hype of a devil worshipping young artist filling innocent minds with demonic Illuminati messages.

Demonic Lyrics

All the hype, all the controversy, it all went flying out the window upon hearing Tommy Lee Sparta live. Maybe he did blatantly sing about badness, which is rather ironic in its own respect, it did not matter anymore. He could’ve sung about macaroni and cheese and it would not have mattered, for the only thing that mattered was his incredible voice. Continue reading

Tiana The Dancehall Duchess at Jamaica New

Tiana The Dancehall Duchess at Jamaica New
We met up with Tiana at Rotterdam’s newest dancehall party ‘Jamaica New’. Comparing this show to the dancehall artist’s performance in 2013 a tremendous growth in hyping the audience could not be overlooked.

Tiana Dancehall Artist in 2013

We remember Tiana’s performance at Soca vs Dancehall in Club Eclipse last year as a good one, but not necessarily a great one for the audience present. The crowd at that time, being mainly soca lovers, reacted lukewarm to her energetic performance and a dancehall lover might say it was just a matter of not catering to the right audience.

Tiana in Waterfront in 2014

Now fast forward to May 31st 2014 and be blown away by a dancehall artiste that has grown. Rocking a short, blond new coupe the Dancehall Duchess showed us she mastered the skill of engaging an audience. A new Tiana delighted, this time a Dancehall audience, with a performance that was energetic and captivating to say the least. Tiana stepped out on stage wearing a red, white and black one piece suit with a black leather jacket and pleased fans with songs like “Pum Pum Phat” Continue reading