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Tommy Lee Sparta & Angel

Tommy Lee Sparta

The first time seeing Tommy Lee Sparta was in April 2013 at a dancehall party in The Hague. He was joined by Stylish, an attractive female singer from Portmore. The attention however was mainly on Tommy Lee. Seeing him live for the first time meant seeing beyond the hype. The hype of a devil worshipping young artist filling innocent minds with demonic Illuminati messages.

Demonic Lyrics

All the hype, all the controversy, it all went flying out the window upon hearing Tommy Lee Sparta live. Maybe he did blatantly sing about badness, which is rather ironic in its own respect, it did not matter anymore. He could’ve sung about macaroni and cheese and it would not have mattered, for the only thing that mattered was his incredible voice. Continue reading

Charly Black at Jamaica New in Rotterdam on 6 June 2014

Jamaica New, the party that gave us Tiana and Alkaline just 6 days earlier, was now ready for its second edition with none other than the Countrybwoy from Trelawny…Charly Black

The Venue

Club Eclipse, situated near the Rotterdam Alexander train station, is not the most popular of venues in Rotterdam. The most heard argument against the club concerns the poor acoustics. What Club Eclipse does have to offer, despite the location and inadequate sound, is floor size. Out of the three floors, the largest one was reserved for this party. But did that turn out to be the right decision? Continue reading

Munga Honorable in Belgium June 2014

Munga Honorebel, the Gangsta Ras, performed at Chirine in Antwerp, Belgium on 9 June 2014. The promotion for the event seemed to be done last minute and upon arrival it was hard to believe Munga would be performing at the locale, but an A5 sized poster taped to the glass door confirmed it. The artist was supported by Barka Moeri and the DJ’s MiXit, Cool and Warlord Mattik.

The Venue

Chirine, that could be described as a somewhat run down bar, was not very noticeable, despite it’s prominent location close to Antwerp’s Central Station. Upon entering guests passed through a curtain and walked into the venue with a bar to the left and in the far right corner a DJ booth positioned between machines and a pool table. The stylish bar ladies brought the vibes and served drinks with a cool, don’t-mess-with-me attitude.


Around 1.30am DJ MiXit treated the scant crowd to an assortment of the greatest dancehall hits of 2012, the 2008 back-and-forth Gully and Gaza diss tracks and Continue reading

Jamaica New in Rotterdam on 31 May 2014

Jamaica New: Rotterdam’s Newest Dancehall Party

Days before the actual party anticipation grew big as posters could be seen all over town announcing dancehall stars Alkaline and Tiana’s performance at the grand opening of Jamaica New at Waterfront in Rotterdam. Any dancehall lover’s curiosity would be tickled by the news of a party that puts itself on the map by opening with the Youngest and di Baddest Alkaline and The Dancehall Duchess Tiana.

The Venue

With Waterfront not being a familiar venue in the Rotterdam dancehall scene it took a bit of a search to find this club by the waterside below street level. The long rectangular lay out and all white interior made for an open atmosphere.


As it was the first edition of Jamaica New we were prepared for a crowd that might be holding back to first see what Jamaica New was all about before letting loose on the dance floor. Once inside the venue it already had a nice vibe going; ladies had free entrance until 12.30 which ensured a good amount of ladies in the party which in turn ensured a good amount of men in the party. For the most part the DJs did a good job of selecting the right tunes, however what seemed to be the catalyst at this party were the dancers. The ladies, and also the occasional male dancer, kept giving us splits, 6.30’s, slow wines, fast wines and muscle wines. Continue reading

Tiana The Dancehall Duchess at Jamaica New

Tiana The Dancehall Duchess at Jamaica New
We met up with Tiana at Rotterdam’s newest dancehall party ‘Jamaica New’. Comparing this show to the dancehall artist’s performance in 2013 a tremendous growth in hyping the audience could not be overlooked.

Tiana Dancehall Artist in 2013

We remember Tiana’s performance at Soca vs Dancehall in Club Eclipse last year as a good one, but not necessarily a great one for the audience present. The crowd at that time, being mainly soca lovers, reacted lukewarm to her energetic performance and a dancehall lover might say it was just a matter of not catering to the right audience.

Tiana in Waterfront in 2014

Now fast forward to May 31st 2014 and be blown away by a dancehall artiste that has grown. Rocking a short, blond new coupe the Dancehall Duchess showed us she mastered the skill of engaging an audience. A new Tiana delighted, this time a Dancehall audience, with a performance that was energetic and captivating to say the least. Tiana stepped out on stage wearing a red, white and black one piece suit with a black leather jacket and pleased fans with songs like “Pum Pum Phat” Continue reading