Charly Black at Jamaica New in Rotterdam on 6 June 2014

Jamaica New, the party that gave us Tiana and Alkaline just 6 days earlier, was now ready for its second edition with none other than the Countrybwoy from Trelawny…Charly Black

The Venue

Club Eclipse, situated near the Rotterdam Alexander train station, is not the most popular of venues in Rotterdam. The most heard argument against the club concerns the poor acoustics. What Club Eclipse does have to offer, despite the location and inadequate sound, is floor size. Out of the three floors, the largest one was reserved for this party. But did that turn out to be the right decision?


When the clock struck midnight the club was pretty much empty, but of course most parties don’t jump off until after twelve. After a few hours it remained rather quiet on the dancefloor. The DJ’s played a variety of HipHop, R&B, Afro Beats and just enough dancehall to keep the dancehall lovers from getting seriously vexed. The party did not turn out as had been expected, however quite a number of people that were there just ran up their bar bill and enjoyed themselves regardless.


When local artist Niyulah Melanin took the stage the Rotterdam audience showed support by gathering close to the stage, raising their gun fingers and some even singing along to his songs. By the time Charly Black performed it was late and a rumor had circulated around the party that he would not be performing at all, which led to fans leaving the party prematurely. This turned out to be their loss for when Charly Black did perform, regardless of the audience of the lack thereof, it was a proper show done by a professional artist. The multi-talented artist did not only entice the audience with the popular ‘Whine and Kotch’, but also went back into time and performed ‘Buddy Buddy’.

Party Shot / Party Flop

Pros: Charly Black performed like a pro, spacious venue, no lines
Cons: poor sound, not enough dancehall, lack of a crowd, long wait for performances

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