Jamaica New in Rotterdam on 31 May 2014

Jamaica New: Rotterdam’s Newest Dancehall Party

Days before the actual party anticipation grew big as posters could be seen all over town announcing dancehall stars Alkaline and Tiana’s performance at the grand opening of Jamaica New at Waterfront in Rotterdam. Any dancehall lover’s curiosity would be tickled by the news of a party that puts itself on the map by opening with the Youngest and di Baddest Alkaline and The Dancehall Duchess Tiana.

The Venue

With Waterfront not being a familiar venue in the Rotterdam dancehall scene it took a bit of a search to find this club by the waterside below street level. The long rectangular lay out and all white interior made for an open atmosphere.


As it was the first edition of Jamaica New we were prepared for a crowd that might be holding back to first see what Jamaica New was all about before letting loose on the dance floor. Once inside the venue it already had a nice vibe going; ladies had free entrance until 12.30 which ensured a good amount of ladies in the party which in turn ensured a good amount of men in the party. For the most part the DJs did a good job of selecting the right tunes, however what seemed to be the catalyst at this party were the dancers. The ladies, and also the occasional male dancer, kept giving us splits, 6.30’s, slow wines, fast wines and muscle wines.


As promised the main acts were supported by local performer Niyulah who warmed up the crowd with a hard hitting reggae dancehall sound. The warmed up audience was given plenty time to cool off again before The Dancehall Duchess Tiana took the stage, but when she did it was blazing. After Tiana it was straight to that rising star everyone seemed to be waiting for, Alkaline. Alkaline gave his audience what they wanted, calling different girls on stage and letting them dance for and on him. When Alkaline was done so was the party. The party ended around 5am and the general opinion was one of satisfaction.

Party Shot / Party Flop

Pros: the male to female ratio was well balanced, performances by Alkaline and Tiana, the intimate setting of the venue

Cons: the long wait for performances, the security guards did not control the party or keep the VIP area secure

Check out the Party Report video:

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