Jealous Ova: Clean Lyrics or Raw Version?

As many dancehall lovers might agree this Jealous Ova song is perfect to set the mood. It has been added to that playlist you made to get the right setting to get it on from the first time you heard it and even more so when the ladies saw the light eyed Dexta Daps and when the men saw the voluptuous Tifa in her mermaid costume on a bed of sand.

But in the video the clean lyrics can throw you off. We all know dancehall takes the crown for being the musical genre most creative with turning a slack song into radio playable (Pon di Cocky tun Pon di Jockey and Wine inna yuh Hole tun Wine inna di Road). However with Jealous Ova a non Jamaican might have a hard time understanding the original version, imagine what the clean lyrics sound like to them…confusing.

So for those who wanna enjoy the video together with the raw version, play and mute the below video and play the Soundcloud song at the exact same time. Enjoy!!

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