Konshens, ambassador for dancehall music and Jamaica

Dancehall artist Konshens, real name Garfield Spence, was in Amsterdam for a performance at the sold out Jamrock Explosion on 7 November 2015. His high energy show lasted over an hour and was a delight to the fans. Dancehall Explorer met up with the Gyal a Bubble-singer while he was backstage at the last show of his two month European tour by Atlantic Booking.

Double Platinum for Policeman

For quite some time we felt that Konshens’ popularity had been growing rapidly in the Netherlands and this was once again confirmed in early September of this year. At that time the hit song “Policeman” with Dutch singer Eva Simons went double platinum showing that mixing dancehall with other genres can be a huge succes. Another song that has been getting heavy rotation in the clubs is Lethal Bizzle’s “Fester Skank Remix” featuring Konshens. Click below to listen:

Remarkably Konshens told us that even though he feels happy, he does not feel contented for he is always striving to improve and be even greater.

Ambassador of dancehall music and Jamaica

Konshens Jamaican Dancehall Artist


The role of Konshens as an ambassador of dancehall music is pretty obvious. His songs have made girls come up to me asking what it means when he says “If you cyan mash ants mi nuh like you” and “A so mi tan”. However Konshens realizes it’s not solely the dancehall music he represents it is also Jamaica and Jamaican culture. When asked how he would describe dancehall music to someone who does not know it yet, he answered by saying that he would not describe dancehall music, but instead tell the person to come to Jamaica to see what it is really like.

Check out our interview with Konshens here:

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