Dancehall Definition

When trying to define dancehall music you might not think of Wikipedia as a main source of information, but below is an interesting excerpt from the Dancehall page on Wikipedia.

“Kingsley Stewart outlines ten of the major cultural imperatives or principles that constitute the dancehall worldview. They are:

  1. It involves the dynamic interweaving of God and Haile Selassie
  2. It acts as a form of stress release or psycho-physiological relief
  3. It acts as a medium for economic advancement
  4. The quickest way to an object is the preferred way (i.e., the speed imperative)
  5. The end justifies the means
  6. It strives to make the unseen visible
  7. Objects and events that are external to the body are more important than internal processes; what is seen is more important than what is thought (i.e., the pre-eminence of the external)
  8. The importance of the external self; the self is consciously publicly constructed and validated
  9. The ideal self is shifting, fluid, adaptive, and malleable, and
  10. It involves the socioexistential imperative to transcend the normal (i.e., there is an emphasis on not being normal).”


HOELAHOEP party in Rotterdam on 7 February 2015

A dancehall party with a mission

A dancehall party in Rotterdam isn’t exactly a novelty, but HOELAHOEP does stand out.
The first party that has such a clear cut concept and a mission to “bring the Jamaican party vibe to Rotterdam with the hottest dancehall tunes and tropical hospitality”. During these cold winter nights the two young ladies who organize this party want to make the temperature rise and have a party with unequivocally good vibes, but did they succeed?

HOELAHOEP Dancehall Party

HOELAHOEP: Catch Your Caribbean Vibe

Club Twentysix

The venue was not too big, but had a major advantage for this party since there were two levels. Upstairs was a mix of reggae, kizomba and other Caribbean music and downstairs was strictly dancehall. When dancehall is all you love, this is music to your ears, no waiting for the DJ to be done catering to the hiphop lovers or the couples that wanna dance all cute to their kizomba, no…straight dancehall tunes downstairs. Continue reading


STING 2014: Jamaica’s Greatest Dancehall & Reggae Event

Sting Jamaica 2014

With only 10 days to go anticipation is rising and it seems every dancehall lover is thinking of one thing…Sting 2014!

The annual dancehall and reggae show held on Boxing Day at Jamdown in Portmore, Jamaica is an event unlike any other. It is known to be a marathon concert with top artist in both reggae and dancehall performing crowd-pleasing hits while dressed in outfits that are out of this world. From night time till morning the outfits at Sting are not to be missed, as they often express the artists’ personas for the event.
From intimidating suits of armor to sexy see-through catsuits to thrilling alien-like costumes, anything goes when it comes to fashion at Sting.

Sting Jamaica Fashion

Fashion highlights at Sting

Gully Bop on Sting 2014 Line up

This year’s dancehall line up includes Demarco, Tiana, Masicka, Gage, Kiprich, Blak Ryno, Aidonia, Chi Chi Ching, Kalado and Tommy Lee Sparta among many others. A much talked about new comer headlining this 31st edition of the event is the refreshingly raw Gully Bop. Before last month virtually unknown to the masses, this wild card has now built up quite a fan base and has declared being ready to take on any artist in a clash, including clash veteran Ninja Man.


Undoubtedly Sting would not be as exciting if it wasn’t for the clashing.
In the months leading up to Sting the number of diss songs rises and dancehall artists appear to step on each others toes a bit more than usual. The lyrical battle that takes place at Sting often settles the score for artists who have been building up an army of songs to be shot at their lyrical opponent for the entertainment of the crowd. In 2014 the clash for the 1.5 million Jamaican dollar prize is a rematch between reigning champ Blak Ryno and former title holder Kiprich. While they will surely give a worthy clash performance, our eyes are aimed at the “Who is Bad” clash between Tommy Lee Sparta and Gage.

With diss tracks going back and forth between these two young artists will this clash settle the question of who is the baddest?

Rotterdam Zomercarnaval Afterparty: Soca vs Dancehall

Soca vs Dancehall is a party that’s been around for 5 years and has proven to be an excellent choice for both Soca and Dancehall lovers.

This edition was held at Club Empire as an afterparty for Rotterdam’s summer carnival, which brings loads of patrons looking for Caribbean vibes to Rotterdam every year.

Why go to a party with soca music while you only like dancehall music?

As any true dancehall lover will know, if the deejay is really shelling it down in the party you’re bound to get tired from being so hype. Continue reading

Aidonia and Demarco not at Dancehall Sweets on 5 September

Aidonia and Demarco will not be at Dancehall Sweets on 5 September 2014Aidonia, born Sheldon Lawrence, will not be at Dancehall Sweets in Amsterdam on 5 September.

Quite the disappointment for Dutch dancehall fans and you might be wondering WHY?

How is it that this is the third dancehall artist within a month’s time that was promised by Dutch promoters and in fact was not there?

Dancehall Sweets

Dancehall Explorer contacted the organisation of Dancehall Sweets, which claims they were under the impression of having legitimately booked both Aidonia and Demarco for their 3 year anniversary event. A person who used the alias ‘Steven Elements’ contacted them claiming they were a booking agency which could arrange an exclusive performance by Aidonia and Demarco. The purported booking agency went as far as sending a signed contract. Regrettably it was a scam and the signature on the contract was forged. Several payments amounting up to € 28000 had already been made to the alleged booking agency, who the swindled organisation says turned out to be just a scammer living not too far away. After all this Dancehall Sweets remains positively hopeful to treat the Dutch fans to performances of both artist in the future, this time using the correct channels.  

Aidonia’s response

Aidonia smartly released the below video stating he will not be performing at Dancehall Sweets. Grieve not too much though, for he also mentions that he will be in Europe later in 2014.

What about Demarco?

Shattering our dancehall loving hearts we were sad to hear that the I Love my Life-star would also be missing at this event. We contacted his management for a response and of course to ask when we might have the pleasure of welcoming Demarco to Holland. At the time of publishing it remains uncertain whether Demarco will perform at Dancehall Sweets in the near future and Demarco apologizes to the fans that were hoping to see him at the 3 year anniversary event in Amsterdam.


Tommy Lee Sparta & Angel

Tommy Lee Sparta

The first time seeing Tommy Lee Sparta was in April 2013 at a dancehall party in The Hague. He was joined by Stylish, an attractive female singer from Portmore. The attention however was mainly on Tommy Lee. Seeing him live for the first time meant seeing beyond the hype. The hype of a devil worshipping young artist filling innocent minds with demonic Illuminati messages.

Demonic Lyrics

All the hype, all the controversy, it all went flying out the window upon hearing Tommy Lee Sparta live. Maybe he did blatantly sing about badness, which is rather ironic in its own respect, it did not matter anymore. He could’ve sung about macaroni and cheese and it would not have mattered, for the only thing that mattered was his incredible voice. Continue reading

Charly Black at Jamaica New in Rotterdam on 6 June 2014

Jamaica New, the party that gave us Tiana and Alkaline just 6 days earlier, was now ready for its second edition with none other than the Countrybwoy from Trelawny…Charly Black

The Venue

Club Eclipse, situated near the Rotterdam Alexander train station, is not the most popular of venues in Rotterdam. The most heard argument against the club concerns the poor acoustics. What Club Eclipse does have to offer, despite the location and inadequate sound, is floor size. Out of the three floors, the largest one was reserved for this party. But did that turn out to be the right decision? Continue reading

Munga Honorable in Belgium June 2014

Munga Honorebel, the Gangsta Ras, performed at Chirine in Antwerp, Belgium on 9 June 2014. The promotion for the event seemed to be done last minute and upon arrival it was hard to believe Munga would be performing at the locale, but an A5 sized poster taped to the glass door confirmed it. The artist was supported by Barka Moeri and the DJ’s MiXit, Cool and Warlord Mattik.

The Venue

Chirine, that could be described as a somewhat run down bar, was not very noticeable, despite it’s prominent location close to Antwerp’s Central Station. Upon entering guests passed through a curtain and walked into the venue with a bar to the left and in the far right corner a DJ booth positioned between machines and a pool table. The stylish bar ladies brought the vibes and served drinks with a cool, don’t-mess-with-me attitude.


Around 1.30am DJ MiXit treated the scant crowd to an assortment of the greatest dancehall hits of 2012, the 2008 back-and-forth Gully and Gaza diss tracks and Continue reading