Popcaan – Forever Album Review

Popcaan – Forever Album Review

One day after his birthday the Unruly boss Popcaan released his highly anticipated second album titled Forever. It was released via Mixpak and if you haven’t heard it yet first go listen it on iTunes or Spotify and then come back to this video. The album has received mix reviews and we’re gonna let you know what we thought on this 17 track album. Poppy had already released “Wine for Me,” “Firm & Strong,” and “Body So Good” so we won’t be covering those three.
First two songs I wanna mention are A Wha Suh and Silence, to me those two songs are lyrically the most powerful. In A Wha Suh Poppy sings about the struggle, he mentions Delus and how you mustn’t mek badmind stop you. Now Silence that is some real talk, Poppy said: “Mi love my family but mi nuh trust di whole a dem. it might sound f up, but a so mi feel”. Lyrically this one way up there.

Call Me, Naked and Foreign Love

Then there is the songs Call Me and Naked which both are that typical Popcaan sound that we love, they’re similar to songs like Feel Good and My Type, explicit lyrics in a relaxed flow. Now there is also a song that I must give special attention to, it’s Foreign Love. I listened the song and I was like okay sounds good, it’s creative and then all of a sudden I hear Popcaan say “Ik vind je leuk”. This is my native language, Dutch! So for all off the Dutch people: Mensen besef hoe gruwelijk dit is, Popcaan zegt gewoon ik vind je leuk in zijn track. Hoe heeft hij die bedacht dan? For all the non Dutch speakers “Ik vind je leuk” is Dutch for I like you. I don’t know how Poppy come up with that one and if it’s a Dutch girl teach him that, but it’s really dope to put that in the track and he got it right. You can hear it’s a Jamaican saying “Ik vind je leuk”, but he still get it right.

Lef My Gun

Also on Forever there is Lef my Gun, in which he explains nothing nuh pretty round here except for the glocks and the macks dem. Lyrically it’s a gun chune, but it’s not a typical gun chune. I was actually expecting there to be more or at least one really hard badman song on the album, but overal its pretty subdued, perhaps this was done intentionally to eye a more international audience and not to come across as an artist who just love sing about killing. Even though that is understandable, I do think he could’ve done well with a song similar to Stray Dog or Jungle Justice.

Superstar and High Drive aka Louis Out

Now there’s a song that initially didnt grab me which was Superstar, but the rest of WBT Empire feels good about it saying that one might the banger of the album, so it might need some time to grow on me. What do you think about Superstar?
Number 7 on the album is High Drive, also known as Louis Out, which I assume is a reference to the Louis Vuitton brand, nice happy song about party and flossing, good for the summer.

Dun Rich with Davido

Forever has 1 song with a guest feature, I was expecting there to be a feature from an American artist like maybe Drake, but the feature is with afrobeat artist Davido who already collaborated with Poppy on My Story. This collab is called Dun Rich and like the name suggest in the song there’s a lot of mentioning of brand names and whats also cool is when Popcaan sings about Calabar in this song it’s not about the high school, but it’s about Calabar Beach which is in Nigeria where Davido is from.

Happy Now and Deserve it All

Number 5 on the album is Happy Now, its more uptempo and thats something I was looking for on this album but it still didn’t really have an huge impact on me, of course thats just my opinion, so feel free to comment if you feel this is an exceptional song on the album. Then there is Deserve It All which does appeal to me more, because to me it’s inspirational. In Deserve it All Popcaan shows us you can believe you deserve it all. He says: “Rich & Happy, mi deserve the life I live” I like that message.

Mi Love Yuh, Strong Woman and Through the Storm

Lastly there’s 3 more songs for the ladies: Mi Love Yuh, Strong Woman and Through the Storm. Now with Mi Love Yuh I just know girls gonna like these lyrics, its about that simple love where you just know the person you love, loves you even though you fight sometime, thats the kinda vibe Poppy sings about. Then there’s Strong Woman which I think is absolutely great and I feel we can’t overlook this one and here’s why: most of the time we get songs about girls that are about their physical attractiveness or their skills in the bedroom. In this song Poppy sings about different qualities of a woman, he sings: you’re vigorous, you motivate the two of us and mi admire how you make it on your own. Now as a woman, if its up to me I woulda prefer hear someone tell me that over compliments about looks any day. Most songs we get that sing about strong woman is when artists sing about their mother, so Popcaan making this song, to me is exceptional and we shouldn’t overlook it. The last song we’ll cover is Through the Storm, a beautiful flow and beautiful lyrics and probably the best in terms of original style and quality. I recommend you go listen it.

In conclusion Forever follows up Popcaan’s 2014 debut album Where We Come From and people might want to compare the two but I think this album stands on it own, showing a more calm and grown up Popcaan. Forever is an album that does not show much of his gangster side or even social commentary, but more songs for the girls and maybe thats just the vibe Poppy’s on at this point of his life.

That’s our thoughts on Forever. Did we leave out anything that really spoke to you or is there something specific about this album you wanna highlight, let us know in the comments. We would love to hear your thoughts on it.


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