Spice at Sumfest, Aidonia’s VVS and Rihanna making a dancehall album

This week’s dancehall news on Spice at Sumfest, Aidonia’s VVS and Rihanna making a dancehall album

First up Queen Spice. Her performance at Sumfest was amazing! The show was real entertainment, it was well thought out and well executed from start to finish. For her entrance Spice came in one a throne, same like how man like Sizzle would do, and she was carried by two man in Black Panther suits. Spice used the theme of the Black Panther movie not only on herself, but also her dancers had Wakanda outfits, props, hair and make up. It looked flawless and to add to it, Spice made this statement.

You could see she already had it locked from right there, but that was not all, at one point she went backstage put on a wig and a dazzling little outfit and

came out for more. The team Spice dancers also came out in new outfits and they shook up the stage. Lyrically Spice was hard hitting as well, she addressed comments about her role on the television series Love&HipHop, rumours about fake breast and she of course had to big up the WorldBoss. Spice really outdid herself and took it to the next level, way to go and who knows maybe this will inspire more artists to get creative with their performances.

Aidonia’s VVS the 2018 summer song of 2018?

JOP boss Aidonia ruled the 2017 summer with “Yeah Yeah” and 2018 had been quiet for him, until last Friday. The 4th Genna dropped a fresh track called VVS along with the visuals. Now first things first..for anyone who might be wondering what VVS is, VVS stands for Very Very Slight and refers to the inclusions in a diamond. Inclusions are things like laser lines, clouds and cavities that take away from the clarity of the diamonds, so when you are dealing with Very Very Slight (or VVS) diamonds that means they are much clearer then regular diamonds…and also more rare and expensive.
What stood out right away when hearing the track is the flow and the beat, they are not what I was expecting. The beat and the flow are more Hip Hop, to me it sounds very similar to Migos. Some people don’t like that, but I personally like the way Migos sound and I just love how Donia is showing off his versatility. We already knew Donia is highly skilled when it comes to his fast flow, but now he’s slowing it down in that hip hop type a way and it sound good and u know what is also an added benefit ppl not from jamaica gonna be more likely to understand it now that he slowed it down.
Last thing about VVS, the visuals. The video well clean, there’s good effects in it, different styles of filming and a girl whose not a dancer, but her role is just to look sexy and she’s good at it, Donia singing about VVS a drip, but when you watch the video all you see a just the oil all a drip off her body.

Rihanna’s dancehall album

And last up RiRi, Rolling Stone magazine reports that for more than a year, Rihanna and her label Roc Nation have been hunting for beats as they work to complete an album devoted to exploring the singer’s Caribbean roots. Now to me that kinda statement does not necessarily really mean she’s making a dancehall album, cause you know, she’s from Barbados and dancehall is not, but if RiRi does put out a dancehall album we’ll listen.
Also Rolling Stone reports that it’s common for stars at Rihanna’s level to gather the best demos from a large number of submissions when selecting songs for albums. It is said that Rihanna’s team has 500 records for this project from different producers and writers and they’ll only choose 10. Names that have been mentioned for this project include: Supa Dubs, R. City, Stephen “Di Genius”, TJ Records, Ricky Blaze, Kranium and reggae singer Chronixx.

Now some people reacted skeptical to this news saying that it might be a watered down version of dancehall or just pop music with some dancehall influences. But most of the singers and producers who have submitted material to Rihanna’s team believe that Jamaican music and Jamaican artists will benefit from being involved with such a high-profile release. One producer said labels have already started reaching out to him asking if he had any songs that Rihanna didn’t take. He said: “People are already gearing up to go in that direction, towards dancehall, because somebody as big as her is doing that and if an artist like Rihanna comes out and does an album influenced by Jamaican pop that’s definitely going to shift the needle.”

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