STING 2014: Jamaica’s Greatest Dancehall & Reggae Event

Sting Jamaica 2014

With only 10 days to go anticipation is rising and it seems every dancehall lover is thinking of one thing…Sting 2014!

The annual dancehall and reggae show held on Boxing Day at Jamdown in Portmore, Jamaica is an event unlike any other. It is known to be a marathon concert with top artist in both reggae and dancehall performing crowd-pleasing hits while dressed in outfits that are out of this world. From night time till morning the outfits at Sting are not to be missed, as they often express the artists’ personas for the event.
From intimidating suits of armor to sexy see-through catsuits to thrilling alien-like costumes, anything goes when it comes to fashion at Sting.

Sting Jamaica Fashion

Fashion highlights at Sting

Gully Bop on Sting 2014 Line up

This year’s dancehall line up includes Demarco, Tiana, Masicka, Gage, Kiprich, Blak Ryno, Aidonia, Chi Chi Ching, Kalado and Tommy Lee Sparta among many others. A much talked about new comer headlining this 31st edition of the event is the refreshingly raw¬†Gully Bop. Before¬†last month virtually unknown to the masses, this wild card has now built up quite a fan base and has declared being ready to take on any artist in a clash, including clash veteran Ninja Man.


Undoubtedly Sting would not be as exciting if it wasn’t for the clashing.
In the months leading up to Sting the number of diss songs rises and dancehall artists appear to step on each others toes a bit more than usual. The lyrical battle that takes place at Sting often settles the score for artists who have been building up an army of songs to be shot at their lyrical opponent for the entertainment of the crowd. In 2014 the clash for the 1.5 million Jamaican dollar prize is a rematch between reigning champ Blak Ryno and former title holder Kiprich. While they will surely give a worthy clash performance, our eyes are aimed at the “Who is Bad” clash between Tommy Lee Sparta and Gage.

With diss tracks going back and forth between these two young artists will this clash settle the question of who is the baddest?

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