Tiana The Dancehall Duchess at Jamaica New

Tiana The Dancehall Duchess at Jamaica New
We met up with Tiana at Rotterdam’s newest dancehall party ‘Jamaica New’. Comparing this show to the dancehall artist’s performance in 2013 a tremendous growth in hyping the audience could not be overlooked.

Tiana Dancehall Artist in 2013

We remember Tiana’s performance at Soca vs Dancehall in Club Eclipse last year as a good one, but not necessarily a great one for the audience present. The crowd at that time, being mainly soca lovers, reacted lukewarm to her energetic performance and a dancehall lover might say it was just a matter of not catering to the right audience.

Tiana in Waterfront in 2014

Now fast forward to May 31st 2014 and be blown away by a dancehall artiste that has grown. Rocking a short, blond new coupe the Dancehall Duchess showed us she mastered the skill of engaging an audience. A new Tiana delighted, this time a Dancehall audience, with a performance that was energetic and captivating to say the least. Tiana stepped out on stage wearing a red, white and black one piece suit with a black leather jacket and pleased fans with songs like “Pum Pum Phat”

and “Yuh Nuh Groupie”. It wasn’t long before the show heated up and the artiste took off her jacket, showing style and sex appeal with her curve hugging catsuit followed by approving looks from the female fans and admiring stares from male fans. Above all, the aspect that made her performance like no other was the interaction with her audience; engaging the men with powerful eyes directed straight at them and friendly smiles to the ladies while bigging up all the good good girls and wifey’s. The songstress showed no fear of competition to her dancing skills when she invited DtD Dancer Tiffany on stage and encouraged her to showcase some moves, proving to everyone she’s all about empowering the ladies in dancehall.

In love with Tiana

While surveying the audience for the general response to Tiana’s show the female fans expressed a feeling of being able to relate to the subjects Tiana brings up in her lyrics. On the side of male fans, we found one fan that was not familiar with Tiana before this show, but was so impressed by her “superhero-like appearance and strong voice” it was love at first sight. Vowing to go to any next show Tiana would ever do in Rotterdam he left the party with a big smile and high hopes to see her again soon.


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