Tommy Lee Sparta & Angel

Tommy Lee Sparta

The first time seeing Tommy Lee Sparta was in April 2013 at a dancehall party in The Hague. He was joined by Stylish, an attractive female singer from Portmore. The attention however was mainly on Tommy Lee. Seeing him live for the first time meant seeing beyond the hype. The hype of a devil worshipping young artist filling innocent minds with demonic Illuminati messages.

Demonic Lyrics

All the hype, all the controversy, it all went flying out the window upon hearing Tommy Lee Sparta live. Maybe he did blatantly sing about badness, which is rather ironic in its own respect, it did not matter anymore. He could’ve sung about macaroni and cheese and it would not have mattered, for the only thing that mattered was his incredible voice. If he needed the hype, which seemed self-induced for a great part, to get his name known…it worked. Now let’s forward to 2014 to go beyond that hype.

Tommy Lee Sparta in 2014

Musically Tommy Lee Sparta has continued to set forth his own sound and in doing so, creating a Gothic Dancehall subgenre that is being accepted by listeners and being picked up by other artists. Dancehall fans who are looking for an artist to fill the spot that Vybz Kartel left, have a number of artists to choose from. The main focus now being on Alkaline, Gage and Tommy Lee Sparta. What Tommy Lee brings to the table in this respect is humble authenticity, a dismantling charm and a voice that can go anywhere. In 2014 Tommy Lee gives us a gothic sound with sometimes a hard rap flow or slow rock flow and sometimes even a rock and roll riddim, but always with astonishing vocal diversity.

Uncle Demon, Spartan Soldier, will the real Tommy Lee stand up?

Now a well-traveled 26 year old, he seems grown, but unchanged in some of his ways. His image might be that of a nonhuman, a demon. In real life it is surprising how down-to-earth human he really is though. He speaks of lack of sleep due to his schedule, his motorcycle accident and he stills seems to be amazed when random girls want to get to know him more intimately. In those moments it seems that rather than Uncle Demon or Captain Sparta he is just Leroy Russel, a charming, fun guy from Montego Bay who is having the time of his life exploring this world.

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