Rotterdam Zomercarnaval Afterparty: Soca vs Dancehall

Soca vs Dancehall is a party that’s been around for 5 years and has proven to be an excellent choice for both Soca and Dancehall lovers.

This edition was held at Club Empire as an afterparty for Rotterdam’s summer carnival, which brings loads of patrons looking for Caribbean vibes to Rotterdam every year.

Why go to a party with soca music while you only like dancehall music?

As any true dancehall lover will know, if the deejay is really shelling it down in the party you’re bound to get tired from being so hype. So when the deejay switches the music to Farmer Nappy or Kerwin Du Bois, use that time to get your drink and catch your breath so you’re ready for the next batch of dancehall tunes.

Another reason you might enjoy yourself more than anticipated is because the soca crowd is so happy. Instead of ‘gunshot inna ya braincell’ and ‘marrow will fly-y-y-y’ there’s ‘jam on a bumpa’, ‘wukkin up’ and ‘powda an wata’. No room for badmanism or even making sure you still look fresh an clean after all that powder throwing.

We have seen more and more soca influences in dancehall lately, so give it a try and you might come to appreciate soca more than expected.

How was the Soca vs Dancehall Zomercarnaval 2014 Afterparty?

See for yourself and drop your comments below:

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